The secret way of getting vrchat avatars

You can’t get a vrchat avatar without the hassle? Think again. All you need is an app and in seconds, you’ll be generating your own avatars! The process is simple, just download the app and go from there. It’s that easy!

Vrchat app

The app is compatible with devices that are running on Android OS version 4.4 or higher.  You can download the app from the Google Play store for free. Once you have downloaded it, make sure to update your information as well as verify your account on the app.

Create a username and avatar

Lastly, create a username. You can either use your actual name, a nickname or even a word that has a meaning to it. With this, you can now easily change your avatar whenever you want because it isn’t their “constantly”.

It’s important to have an avatar that reflects your personality and the kind of person you are so you might want to try making a few different ones before deciding which one is best for you.

Customize your avatar with different clothes, hair styles, etc.

One great thing about the vrchat app is that you can customize your avatar on it. This is easy to do on the app because you can change clothes, hair styles and even make your avatar look like a different person altogether by adding different accessories. Another way to customize your avatar is to take a photo of yourself or use one you already have. You can also do this in the app with special effects if you want to change the way you look.

Connect to friends by adding their username in the search bar

You can also connect with friends by adding their username in the search bar. Although it is possible to do this through a mobile device, you can’t create your avatar if you don’t have Internet connection on the mobile device. You will need to update your avatar on a computer as well as an Android-enabled device as it is not possible to update your avatar on one and not the other. It’s also possible to be able to log into vrchat from different devices at once as long as they are registered devices that are yours.

How to get vrchat avatars

There are a few ways in which you can get vrchat avatars. You can either generate your own avatar using the app, download an avatar from the internet or even use one you have already created.

To generate your own avatar, simply download the app and update your information. Make sure to verify your account as well. Once you have done this, create a username and select the avatar you want to use. You can then customize it with different clothes, hair styles, etc.

To download an avatar, you can search for one on the internet. There are many websites that offer free avatars for vrchat users. However, make sure to read the terms and conditions before downloading any avatars because some websites may have viruses attached to them.


To use an avatar you already have, all you need is an Android-enabled device where you can download the vrchat app on. You will also need Internet connection for this as well since it isn’t possible to update your avatar without it. Make sure that the Android device you are using has the same account information as the other one so you don’t have to log out on one device and log back in on another.

You can also use an app to change your vrchat avatar, but it is not advisable because some apps are filled with malicious code or viruses that may harm your computer or phone.

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